About Us

The Alabama Association of Health Information Management (AAHIM) is the community of professionals engaged in health information management in Alabama, which serves to support its members and strengthen the industry and profession.


  • Provides continuing education programs through annual meetings and regional workshops and seminars.
  • Serves as a liaison with health related agencies, governmental agencies and other health care disciplines.
  • Promotes events and achievements of the association and its members to the general public.
  • Provides registry of credential medical record practitioners.
  • Disseminates information about the Health Information Management Profession to prospective students.

Mission Statement

The Alabama Health Information Management Association (AAHIM) is a component association (CA) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). AAHIM is committed to enhancing the professional practice and standards needed to fulfill the multifaceted role of a health informatics and health information management practitioner. Our goal is to develop the quality, leadership, respect, and integrity of our members that will encourage continued growth in a profession that is rapidly expanding in scope and responsibility. In the dynamic environment of today’s health care industry, it is the responsibility of AAHIM as an organization to ensure that our CA professionals and students are armed with the knowledge necessary to move our profession forward.