South Alabama Association of Health Information Management (SAAHIM)

Membership year July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

Membership Types:

Active – $25.00

Any professional in the HIM profession, or related field, who is a member of AHIMA, is interested in the SAAHIM purpose and mission, and who is willing to abide by the AHIMA Code of Ethics is eligible for active membership in SAAHIM. Active members in good standing shall be entitled to all membership privileges including the right to vote.

Emeritus – $25.00

In recognition of their service to the profession, SAAHIM members that are age 65 and over are eligible for recognition as a member Emeritus and shall be eligible for senior member dues status. Members Emeritus in good standing shall have all membership privileges available to Active members, including the right to vote.

Honorary – $0

Any individual that has made a significant contribution to HIM science or has rendered distinguished service in the HIM profession, or related fields, may be awarded Honorary membership in SAAHIM by the Board of Directors. Any individual that receives Honorary membership in AHIMA and then or thereafter either works or resides in the state of Alabama, shall be an Honorary member of SAAHIM. Honorary members shall have no formal responsibilities; will possess none of the rights and privileges of other classes of membership; shall have no right, title, or interest in any property of the corporation; and shall be exempt from the payment of dues. An Honorary member may hold no other type of membership in SAAHIM; however, Honorary members who were Active members at the time of their appointment shall retain their voting privileges

Student – $25.00

Any full or part-time student, who is a student member of AHIMA, is formally enrolled in a CAHIIM-accredited, or AHIMA-approved HIM educational program, is formally enrolled in another course of study acceptable to AHIMA, and who resides in the state of Alabama, is eligible for Student membership in SAAHIM. A student may retain this type of membership until the first AHIMA credential qualifying examination for which he/she is eligible, after which time the student shall be transferred to Active membership. Student members shall have the same rights and privileges as Active members, except that, Student members shall not have any voting privileges or be eligible to serve as an Officer or Director of AHIMA or SAAHIM. Students may serve on SAAHIM committees, in designated Student positions.

Join or Renew:

When you join online, you will have the option to pay by mail with a check or pay online with a credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). You will receive two emails once you join – 1) a confirmation email and 2) a registration statement email which serves as your receipt (if you paid by credit card) or invoice (if you plan to pay by check).

If you are paying by check, make your check payable to KnowledgeConnex, include your invoice # that is on your registration statement email, and mail your check to KnowledgeConnex. The mailing address will be on the registration statement email.