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Basic Meeting Package Sessions
Keynote Presentation: Great Leaders Pivot, Not Panic- 6 Keys To Help Your Team Buy Into Change, Adapt Quickly & Innovate For Future Success

Betsy Allen-Manning with Motiv8u Enterprises

With change comes many challenges. Team members start operating out of fear, which turns into loss of focus, lower productivity, conflict, and disengagement; which eventually results in profits taking a hit. Leaders need to be equipped with the #1 skill required to help their teams navigate through changes effectively…the ability to ‘pivot’. In this presentation, one of the top leadership motivational speakers, Betsy Allen-Manning, shares her research, as well as experience of managing change for multi-billion dollar corporations. You’ll discover why some leaders fail through change, and others succeed; and you will walk away with a 6 step strategy to communicate your change effectively, generate higher levels of innovation and buy-in, reduce the conflict that comes with change, and reshape your culture for a positive and successful team moving forward.

Actionable Takeaways:

• Learn Betsy’s ‘Communicate Change Technique’ for conveying new changes, addressing fears, and setting behavioral and performance expectations.

• Discover the ‘6 Keys of Leading Through Change’, and utilize strategies to prep your team for success in the new normal.

• Understand the psychology of change and discover how different personalities will react, what causes people to lose emotional control, and how to keep them focused on future results.

• Anticipate potential conflict that change can bring, and learn a method for resolving issues immediately.

• Provide collaboration opportunities that increase innovation, engagement & morale during downtimes.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Keynote Presentation: Intentional Success- 5 Ways To Get Focused, Disciplined, Overcome Obstacles & Bounce Forward To A Better YOU!

Betsy Allen-Manning with Motiv8u Enterprises

What do you really want in your life and in business? Are you ready to stop focusing on what you’ve lost, and start focusing on a more hopeful future? Studies show that in order to stay positive during a setback, you need to let go of what you can’t control, and focus on what you can. This presentation is designed to help you create your vision for the future, and help you develop the actions you need to take in order to achieve your best, so that once you’re heading uphill again, you can bounce forward to an even better life than before. You’ll learn the importance of setting goals in the 7 most crucial areas of life, you’ll get a 5 step strategy for achieving any goal, and you will learn how to develop a schedule that sets you up for success. It’s time to dream bigger, develop a game plan, overcome today’s biggest challenges and prepare for the life you were born to live!

Actionable Takeaways:

• Learn how to use your setbacks as a launching pad for future opportunities.
•Get Betsy’s ‘Intentional Success Blueprint’ for developing more clarity and achieving faster results.
• Develop a positive mindset, focus, drive and intention to focus forward, not backwards.
• Discover strategies for staying productive and innovative during down times.
•Prioritize your daily schedule with the actions that will lead to your success in the 7 Critical Areas of Life.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Empowering People to Impact Health: 2020 AHIMA Report to the CSAs

Kim Theodos, JD, MS, RHIA, AHIMA Director/Board Member

Make AHIMA’s mission your mantra too. Learn about AHIMA’s 2020-2023 strategic plan and how you can help move the mission forward.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics
AHIMA Apprenticeship Overview

Donna Conn, RHIA, CCS, HIT Program Director, Wallace State Community College

Wallace State Community College was recently awarded a Registered HIM Apprenticeship Program. This speaker will share information about this opportunity that helps to bridge the gap between education and employment – and may save your facility dollars in the process.

Vendor Introduction Videos

Brief videos from our sponsored vendors. Learn more about the vendors and their products and services.

CEU: 2.0 - Evolving Topics
Additional Pre-Recorded Sessions
One Presentation (1 CEU) of your choice from the following sessions:
All things CMS…Well Sorta

Lee Pearce, MSW, MSHA, FACHE, Vice President, Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (AQAF)

Overview of CMS and programs affiliated with CMS. Attendees will gain a better understanding for the direction CMS wants the American healthcare system to take, along with the various methods and programs being used to transform our current system.

CE - Health Law and Compliance
Bridging the Gap Between Coding and CDI

Kristi Fahy, RHIA

The shift to value-based reimbursement means that both clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding accuracy are more important than ever before… and bridging the gap between the two teams is key! During this presentation, we’ll discuss how some of the latest technologies can help bring coding and CDI teams together to eliminate rework and maximize outcomes with a collaborative approach and a more efficient workflow.

CE - Organizational Management and Leadership
CDI Across the Continuum – Moving to a Patient Centric Solution

Phil Goyeau

Phil Goyeau is a Revenue Cycle Consulting Executive with 3M Health Information Systems. With more than 18 years of experience in healthcare quality and hospital operations, he brings a deep knowledge of revenue cycle solutions that enhance coding and reimbursement, maximize revenue and improve quality outcomes. Phil works with inpatient and outpatient data as a subject matter expert in risk adjustment and methodology; patient safety, performance improvement and preventable hospital services including readmissions, admissions, complications and avoidable emergency room use. He interactively engages with clients to align data analytics with industry needs and apply data to measure performance with federal and state level quality improvement mandates, such as DSRIP programs. Phil earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental biology from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

CE - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
CDI: The Quality Story

Adriane Martin and Jennifer Eaton

CDI: The Quality Story will focus on the impact of value-based care and its’ impact on CDI. The presentation will discuss CMS quality measure methodology and risk adjustment, the impact of coding and documentation on performance outcomes and incorporation of quality audits using a data-driven approach.

Participants will learn:

• CMS claims-based measure methodology overview including common documentation and coding vulnerabilities
• Understand data sources that can assist with the identification of cohort/risk adjustor opportunities specific to your organization
• How to gain provider buy-in through education
• Identify success measures
• Apply learnings through case studies

CE - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

Hospitals in the 21st Century

Moshe Starkman, Sr. Director, Advisory Services Analytics, nThrive

As hospitals across the country continue to expand their outpatient services, the gap between overall inpatient and outpatient revenue continues to shrink. This shift in the health care industry means that hospitals must take a broader approach when it comes to the most effective care path for incoming patients. While inpatient care remains a primary focus, the trends are revealing that the best course of action is to also embrace newer, more holistic models of care in which outpatient services are given justified emphasis as well.


- Highlight inpatient vs outpatient admissions and the impact on revenue
- Explore the pros and cons of inpatient vs outpatient care, onsite visits versus remote care
- Discuss, through interactive dialogue, how hospitals can remain strategically competitive

CE - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
Integrating Clinical and Financial Process and Data to Drive Revenue Integrity

Denise Johnson, RHIA, MS, CPHQ, Vice President of HIM Integrated Services, nThrive

The integration of clinical and financials processes and data is critical to a sustainable provider organization. This new era of revenue integrity requires close monitoring of clinicians’ ordering, documentation practices, and clinical significance, in order to ensure appropriate reimbursement, avoid denials and improve public quality reporting. Clinical documentation has never been more vital since performance-based payments are not directly linked to quality measures that required data and information.

This session is intended to discuss data driven CDI for continuous improvement through internal auditing and feedback mechanisms, collaboration with coding and providers in order to solve issues related to more efficiently merge clinical and financial processes.

Session Objectives: To improve patient care, revenue and compliance, a clinical documentation chain requires collaboration throughout the organization. Weak links anywhere along the chain will contribute to poor data quality. This presentation will describe:

-Regulatory Issues impacting healthcare
-What is Revenue Integrity
-What is Denials Management and strategies to prevent downstream revenue cycle problems
-How does CDI link Quality Measures, Care Coordination, Revenue -Integrity and Denials Prevention through ongoing data driven CDI practices
-Focus on meaningful metrics to better manage outcomes

CE - Revenue Cycle Management
Inside the Hack: How Hackers are Breaking into Networks and Why a Ransomware Attack has been the Lynch Pin in Hospital & Clinic Closures

Bruce McCully, Chief Security Officer, Healthcurity

In 2019, hundreds of clinics and hospitals nation-wide have gone offline (often for weeks at a time) from ransomware attacks. In 2020, cyber criminals have honed their targets on healthcare—specifically rural. These attacks have led to decreased quality of care and (in some instances) bankruptcies and closures. What have we learned this year? We have to change our approach in rural health to cybersecurity, data management and disaster preparedness. We’ve been too reactive for far too long. We need to rethink how we’re managing and protecting our networks by changing how we approach our big cybersecurity problem. My message to you—to beat a hacker you’ve got to start thinking like one. By looking at your systems through the eyes of a hacker, you will be better equipped at protecting your facility from growing cyberattacks and data breaches. In this talk we will walk through facilities like yours through the lens of hacker trying to get in.

CE - Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security
Leadership: How can you lead when you don’t know where you are going?

Dr. Maddox Casey, CPA, Member of Warren Averett, Practice Leader for Warren Averett’s healthcare division

Are you a leader in your practice or do you function more as a crisis manager? Focusing on your goals, building on your strengths and accepting your weaknesses can make you a more effective leader. This session will provide you with the tools you need to help define your goals and prioritize your work responsibilities to achieve a balance in your life.

CE - Organizational Management and Leadership
Top HIPAA Issues Facing Healthcare Providers

Kelli Fleming

A brief summary of the top HIPAA issues facing healthcare providers based on recent enforcement actions and related guidance from the Office for Civil Rights.

CE - Health Law and Compliance
The Future of HIM

Lakesha Kinnerson, MPH, RHIA, CPHQ

The future of health information management is now. The presentation will take attendees time warp to examine the history of health information management through the decades and beyond. HIM professionals will be prepared for the many changes the future holds for them and the profession. Learning objectives include:
  • Review the history of health records as a profession
  • Discuss the importance of the role of health information managers
  • Identify areas of focus important to the future of health information management

  • CE - Evolving Topics