Volunteer Award

The AAHIM Outstanding Volunteer Award was established in 2021 to recognize leaders who have made significant volunteer contributions on behalf of our profession in local, state or national activities.

Who Qualifies

Volunteers who have served AAHIM and have demonstrated distinctive leadership qualities. Their efforts have led to a significant accomplishment that advanced the HIM field or addressed the needs of AAHIM members.


  • Established to recognize and honor outstanding members of AAHIM who exemplify the spirit of volunteerism upon which the association is dependent.
  • This award only requires the nominee to be a member of AAHIM – there is no minimum amount of
    volunteer hours.
  • This person stands out above the other nominees.
  • This person has made contributions to the improvement of our state association and the career of Health Information Management.
  • Members may only receive the award one time.
  • Review of Nominations for AAHIM Volunteer shall be scored and ranked according to the Volunteer Score Sheet by the Awards Committee to determine if candidate meets criteria for the categories of participation.

Provide a narrative summary that explains the nominee’s qualifications for the award as to why you think your nominee deserves state recognition by citing specific accomplishments, meeting the award guidelines, how they meet these guidelines and why the nominee is worthy of the award.

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